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hallway house


photography by camera obscura

The brief was simple and pragmatic . . .

Retain the existing house.  Provide: covered car accommodation, internal access between floors, 4 bedrooms, storage, a large deck and reinstate the original verandah - all in a renovation respectful of the original typology and materials.

an opportunity

The existing house was three to four rooms thick in any direction with the completely internal kitchen at its core.  Access to natural light, views, breezes or other parts of the house were extremely limited. An opportunity was identified to remedy this situation by re-presenting the traditional 'Queenslander' hallway and expanding it to a width suitable for habitation.  The doorways of internal transverse walls were stretched to create a 'new' longitudinal hallway space connecting the old front verandah to the rear deck.


Living, dining and circulation all now takes place within the new 'hallway' framed by the relocated kitchen, bathrooms and bedrooms.



The renovation connected internal spaces with light, breezes, attractive street trees and a large poinciana to the rear.  The relocated kitchen now surveilled visitor arrival and all internal & external public areas of the upper floor.  The contour of the existing [sawn off] pyramid roof is now uniquely revealed as an internal 'contour' line tracing from the front verandah to the back deck.  Daily rituals are now accompanied by views, breezes, scenery and engagement with other areas and occupants of the house. 


construction photos

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