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clayfield fern house

PBArchitect_©CFJ_Fern House-05
PBArchitect_©CFJ_Fern House-09
clayfield house
PBArchitect_©CFJ_Fern House-02
PBArchitect_©CFJ_Fern House-01
PBArchitect_©CFJ_Fern House-24
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clayfield house
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PBArchitect_©CFJ_Fern House-16
PBArchitect_©CFJ_Fern House-18
clayfield house
clayfield house
clayfield house
clayfield house
clayfield house

photography by christopher fredrick jones & james peeters 


This renovation started as a classic Clayfield Queenslander, located on a site that backs onto a busy rail corridor.



To fulfil the client’s brief, the house was retuned to contain a covered car accommodation, new kitchen, laundry, master bedroom & bathing spaces .



The comforts of the Clayfield house culminates in the creation of a light, airy & delightful ’outdoor room’, which provides secure covered plant-filled outdoor space, stairs, diffused natural light & fresh air for the home (& about a dozen other functions).

construction photos

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