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keperra house

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PBArchitect_Duggan St_06.jpg
Bathroom 1
Bathroom 2
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This renovation was to a modest post war weatherboard suburban house on a corner block across from a park & train station.



Provide a new kitchen, laundry and covered outdoor space to engage with the environment.



  • The northern rear wall of the house & downstairs laundry were demolished and a new kitchen & upstairs laundry / store room attached 

  • Large sliding & folding timber doors allow a seamless transition between internal & external living spaces 

  • The new plywood kitchen also has large timber sliding windows as a kitchen bench servery to the new deck 

  • The white slats that clad the demolished laundry were re-interpreted as a protective privacy screen and balustrade wrapping the deck & eaves of the new structure



construction photos

"We love it. The process was straightforward and extremely rewarding.  The design continues to meet our  needs after all these years."



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