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straddie hilltop house

SBPhoto_Pratt Court_001.jpg
SBPhoto_Pratt Court_006.jpg
SBPhoto_Pratt Court_007.jpg
SBPhoto_Pratt Court_012-2.jpg
SBPhoto_Pratt Court_013.jpg
SBPhoto_Pratt Court_015.jpg
SBPhoto_Pratt Court_03.jpg

photography by scott burrows


The new house noses into the acute corner of a duplex block with stunning 270 degree views of Home Beach, North Stradbroke Island.



It is the epitome of elevated beach house living with basic materials finished & expressed with finesse and every space gets to enjoy the view!



  • Every space gets the view [even the powder room can see the South Passage Bar], mirrored kitchen splashbacks, ensuite & bath spaces bounce views & light into spaces, the floating roof bounces natural light internally and reveals a connection to the natural environment. 

  • The breezeway deck offers a buffer to the western sun & provides informal circulation and storage, along with a beach shower that creates a cooling chimney effect.

  • Natural materials and a simple palette are tuned to informal beach house living - this home can impress and dress up, while not being precious about getting sand between its toes. 

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