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paul butterworth architect office

The existing space was long and thin but with abundant natural northern light from high windows.  The site was selected close to the tenant’s home to reduce carbon footprint and enliven the local retail & commercial hub.


A very tight budget and a long thin tenancy space dictated the terms of this small commercial space. The furniture and some equipment was reclaimed and re-used from other office demolitions.  The walls were detailed with striking geometric patterns to accentuate the interior spatial perspective and delineate hierarchy of scale and spatial use programs.  The dark colour also provided opportunities for seasonal & light hearted decorations and installations [Christmas snowflakes, penguins and conversational birds].  A wrapping and folding oiled timber benchtop becomes the office touchstone ensuring staff interact with a natural material every day.  Future stages include extensive planting to improve internal air quality and external signage made from recycled materials.



"It's a great space to work in.  I love the penguins"


PBA Staff.

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