ciel river house




One of two absolute river houses addressing the Brisbane River with stunning city views needed some touch ups to address the western sun whilst retaining the city view. 



Extend the existing balcony and lower terrace living spaces and provide a sliding retractable screen with operable blades to control the western sun.



Delicate engineering and architectural detailing was required to ensure the view was not ruined whilst the sliding screen performed the essential task of protecting primary outdoor living spaces.  The colours of the existing building were perfectly matched so the new work complemented the existing building fabric.


"Paul is great to work with as he sets out the pros and cons of the project without trying to dress anything up in an unrealistic fashion. He will let you know if anything that you are considering doing is not feasible or how you might work around some issues, so that the vision can be clear from the outset.

Paul’s designs are clean and simple, which while this sounds easy is actually fairly complex.

Paul’s strength is his ability to under promise and over deliver.  He always kept me up-to-date with progress and offered assistance whenever he could, but also knew his limitations."



"Paul is great to work with..... his designs are clean and simple..... "


Mrs D Burgess


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